Our software suite is open-source ans dedicated to cross-platform applications creation, should they be native or web.

These tools provide answers to the platform fragmentation: mobiles, tablets, desktops, connected TVs, set-top boxes.

These software simplify application development by using a single codebase and web standards, allowing to have a better productivity and reduce costs


  • Simplification
    • of development, maintenance and evolution phases
    • of multi-device projects.
    • of multi-screen projects.
  • Productivity enhancement
    • the common logic of he applications il mutualized.
    • the developed bricks are reusable and modular.
  • Human resources
    • team rationalization: one global team rather than specific teams (iOS / Android / HTML-CSS-JavaScript / HbbTV)…
    • ressources versatility allowing to handle several targets.
    • workforce management flexibility.
  • Ease of access
    • web standards usage (HTML/CSS)
    • directly usable by HTML / CSS integrators
    • low technological gap for Javascript, ActionScript and Java profiles


Tools ecosystem 1

Tools ecosystem 2